Do you validate parking?

Sorry, we do not.

Is there an admission fee at the front door?

Typically there is no admission fee to enter the restaurant or game room.

Are there lockers?


Can we make reservations?

No- our policy is first come, first served

Is outside food allowed in GameWorks?

We do not allow outside food and beverages in our facility. We do offer a full bar and restaurant in the venue with delicious American cuisine. See our Eat & Drink page for more information!

Is your venue all ages?

Our venue is all ages until 10pm nightly, then it becomes an 18 and older facility

Do group packages need to be booked in advance?

To ensure availability, please book at least a week in advance.

What time is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is from 3-6pm, Monday through Friday

Is the birthday child free when booking a package?


What’s the difference between arcade and prize games?

Arcade games are typically shooting, driving, music, and sports-related games that do not dispense tickets or prizes when you play. Prize games give you tickets to shop in our redemption store.

What’s the difference between time play and game credits?

Time play only works on arcade games. Game credits work on any game.

Why is there a $2.00 activation fee when I go to purchase a game card?

It is a one-time charge to activate your card. Once activated, you can use this same game card on future visits at any of our GameWorks locations across the country without having to pay the activation fee.

Do you have eSports?

Yes, we do.