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GameWorks Ontario FAQs

Is there an admission fee at the front door?
Answer – Typically there is no admission fee to enter the restaurant or game room. However, a cover charge may apply for special events such as UFC Fights.

Are all games played with tokens?
Answer – To play in our arcade, you must purchase a game card. The majority of our games are played with a game card, but a select few take tokens. Tokens are purchased from our token machine with a game card.

Why is there a $2.00 activation fee when I go to purchase a game card?
Answer – It is a one time charge to activate your card. Once activated, you can use this same game card on future visits at any of our GameWorks locations across the country without having to pay the activation fee.

What’s the difference between time play and game credits?
Answer – Time play only works on arcade games. Game credits work on any game.

If I have a time card, when does the time start?
Answer – The time starts as soon as you swipe on the first game to play.

What’s the difference between arcade and prize games?
Answer – Arcade games are typically any shooting, driving, music, and sports-related games that do not dispense tickets or prizes when you play. Prize games give you tickets to shop in our redemption store.

How do I use my game card?
Answer – When you go to swipe at a game, make sure you card is facing black strip up.

What types of events do you hold?  
Answer – We can host any type of event, from birthday parties for children and adults, sports team banquets, and school events, to corporate team building, holiday parties and organization/group fundraisers. You may also rent out our entire venue for private events for groupos from 10 to 1200 people. It's more affordable than you think!
Can I have a birthday party here?
Answer – Absolutely! We have amazing birthday packages for all ages here at GameWorks Ontario. For more information, check out the Ontario tab on the Events & Parties page or call our Director of Sales.
Do I have to do the kids birthday packages for the adults or can I just get them for the kids?  
Answer – The majority of our guests purchase birthday packages for the kids, then add additional platters/pizzas/pasta/deli trays for the adults.
Do I have to give you an exact head count for my event right now?  
Answer – You can start with whatever number you feel comfortable with.  We will need to know your count of both kids and adults three days before your event. After that day, you may increase your guest count but not decrease it.  Also, it is fine if you have guests who have not RSVP'd but show up on the day of the event. We are happy to accommodate them.
At what age do I start counting the kids?  
Answer – We recommend only counting children ages four and up, as children under 4 years of age are less likely to eat the food or play the games.
What is required to book a party and how do I do it?  
Answer – To begin the booking process, please fill out the party application found on the Events & Parties tab for GameWorks Ontario, or call our Director of Sales. After discussing your event needs, the Director of Sales will put together a contract for you. Please note that to confirm your reservation, we do require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit. We will accept payment by credit card or company/organizational checks. We won't accept personal checks.
How far in advance do I need to book?  
Answer –We book on a first come, first serve basis, so the sooner the better!