House Rules

To ensure a great experience for all guests, we encourage you to read and comply with the following House Rules before entering our establishment:

Effective As Of: August 2022

Each of our GameWorks locations strictly adheres to local laws and regulations related to guest ages.

To purchase or consume alcohol, you must have valid identification issued by a State or Government Agency containing your photograph, date of birth, height, gender and eye color. Expired, altered or damaged identification cannot be accepted.

It is our responsibility to deny service to intoxicated guests. We will also ask intoxicated guests to leave our establishment and are required to contact appropriate authorities.

We have strict curfews which require guests under the age of 21 to exit our establishment on time. This is enforced, so please be sure to check when planning your visit to GameWorks.

Any time of day prior to curfews, we welcome all guests. Guests under the age of 18 or 21 (varies based on location) need to be accompanied by a guardian who is of legal age for that location.

GameWorks is a family friendly experience, and as such we ask all guests to dress appropriately at all of our locations. Below are some of common dress code related house rules all guests should be aware of.

Shoes and shirts while in the venue are required at all times.

Offensive language or imagery on clothing or depicted in visible tattoos are not permitted.

Guests with torn or soiled clothing worn into the venue will be admitted at the discretion of management.

Management has discretion on admitting guests with clothing that reveals undergarments or excessive portions of skin that may be inappropriate for a family friendly experience. Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn in the venue. Gang affiliated attire is not permitted including, but not limited to, the showing of excessive chains, colors or apparel that may be inappropriate for a family friendly environment.

No open carry of firearms is permitted except by sworn law enforcement personnel.

Masks that either partially or fully cover the face are not permitted, unless during themed events, and in this case only for participating children.

GameWorks reserves the right to change the dress code at any time. Smoking, including vaporizers and e-cigarettes, is not permitted. This includes pipe, cigar, cigarette, chewing tobacco, marijuana, clove, and any other smoking product. Some locations will have designated areas for legal and appropriate smoking in outdoor areas. Please contact your local GameWorks for details.

Outside Food & Drinks are not allowed in GameWorks, including in the eSports Lounge. We do encourage you to enjoy our amazing offerings from The Works Kitchen.

Loitering within and around the premises is prohibited. Anyone caught vandalizing GameWorks property will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Gambling of any kind is prohibited, even if approved by state law. Filming & Photography is permitted as we want our guests to have an amazing, memorable experience, and capture and share those memories. However, we ask that the following policies are followed within all GameWorks locations:

Commercial use of photography or filming/videography requires permission from GameWorks management. This includes journalistic use.

Express permission must be granted for any photography or filming of other guests or GameWorks team members.

Use of equipment that may interfere with the enjoyment of other guests such as tripods, selfie stick, backdrops or other equipment requires written permission by GameWorks management.

GameWorks reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of filming and photographic equipment at any time for any reason.

GameWork utilizes video surveillance. Video surveillance recordings are the private property of GameWorks and will only be released to appropriate authorities as directed.

The use of GameWorks provided WiFi access to view objectionable, pornographic, lewd, or material deemed inappropriate by GameWorks is prohibited and you and your party will be asked to leave.

Pets are not allowed within GameWorks, with the exception of official service animals.

GameWorks reserves the right to change the House Rules at any time.