About Us

Game On!

For over 22 years, GameWorks has been focused on providing the very best in entertainment and dining options for our guests, with an emphasis on the emerging world of esports.  We believe that everyone loves games and that’s why we offer hundreds of game options so that everyone can find a game they love.  Since our first location opened in Seattle in 1997, we have delivered on unrivaled gameplay and entertainment options and an unforgettable experience for millions of guests.

GameWorks was originally created as a joint creative endeavor by Sega, Universal Studios and DreamWorks.  From day one, GameWorks was intentionally designed to maximize a uniquely fun guest experiences, as Steven Spielberg of DreamWorks put it:

“GameWorks is about fun, excitement, competition and bringing people together.  It is also about escape, adventure and connecting.”  He continued “It gives each person a chance to prove he or she is a star.”

GameWorks is still about all those things today, but over the years the games and guest preferences have evolved, and so have we.  Today, GameWorks is a leader in esports and committed to providing pro and casual gamers alike with an optimized experience boasting the latest and greatest technology and gaming titles.  We also offer hundreds of arcade games in every location, as well as world class food and beverage offering from our world class Executive Chef Tony Leitera.  In some locations, we offer additional gaming options such as bowling, billiards and laser tag.

While GameWorks has a national footprint of venues, our emphasis is on being a part of each local community we operate in.  Each GameWorks is different, based on the preferences in the local market, and customized specifically for those local needs.  Additionally, GameWorks team members are passionate about their local community, and drive, host or attend many special events for local charities.

All of this is why at GameWorks love games, gamers, and anyone of any age that loves having fun playing games.  GAME ON!