Private Events

Every group, family or organization has that one person that they count on to bring everyone else together.  That one person that knows when something is worth a celebration, and knows how to get everything setup and everyone invited.  What most people don’t always realize is just how much work it takes to pull everything off and have that amazing event that keeps everyone engaged and happy.  At GameWorks, we totally get it, and are here to provide you with everything you need to make your event perfect!

We have private event rooms that can host groups of all sizes with full or partial buyout options, more video games than you could possibly imagine, eSports lounges, mouth-watering dining from The Works Kitchen, Full Service Bar, AV and Meeting set ups, and more!  Best of all, we are here to make every aspect of your event seamless, and make sure you get to enjoy the event along with everyone in your group! Reach out to GameWorks and together we will craft an event that will bring joy and amazing memories to your entire group.


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