What are your hours?

The hours of operation for each of our locations will vary.  Please check the location page for more details of the specific hours of the GameWorks you are interested in visiting.


Is there a cost to park at your venue?

Each location is different.  Many of our locations offer free parking, however please check the location page for more details about parking at the GameWorks you are interested in visiting.


Is there an admission price to enter GameWorks?

There are typically no fees to enter any of our GameWorks locations.  However, there are some special events that we host, such as an esports tournament, that may have ticket sales prior to the event or at the door.  Additionally, each GameWorks is available to be rented out for large private events.  Please be sure to check out the location page for more details related to the specific GameWorks you are interested in visiting.


Are there storage lockers for purses or backpacks?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have locker storage for personal items our guests bring with them.


Do you take reservations for dining?

Our dining area is a first come first serve dining experience.  We do offer private event space that can be reserved for large parties, birthdays, or company events.  Please be sure to check out our sales and events page for more information.


Do you allow food and drinks to be brought into GameWorks?

We offer an amazing dining experience within all GameWorks locations, with our menu created by Executive Chef Tony Leitera.  We also offer a full bar with craft and specialty drinks.  We are incredibly proud of our food and beverage offering, as ask guests to join us for an unforgettable dining experience and not to bring in food or drinks from outside of GameWorks.


Are there age restrictions at GameWorks?

In all of our locations we strive to offer an unforgettable entertainment experience for guests of all ages.  We do comply with local laws in each of our locations, and therefore there are some requirements for children to be accompanied by adults or for the venue to be 18, 19 or 21+ after 9PM in the evening.  Please check the location page for the GameWorks you are interested in visiting for more specifics on age restriction in that location.


Do you offer group packages or special event bookings?

Yes!  We are a leader in creating amazing experiences for groups of all sizes.  For more details on existing group and event packages, please visit our sales and events page.  For customized experiences, do not hesitate to call the local sales director listed on the sales and events page.  We love creating unforgettable events for groups, and would be thrilled to work with you on your event.


Do you offer a happy hour menu?

Yes, we offer happy hour with special menu and drink offers.  Please check the location page of the GameWorks you are interested in visiting to see more details on Happy Hour in that locations.


What types of games do you offer?

Each GameWorks is customized to the local market demand in each location we operate in.  However, every location offers a large variety of arcade games, an esport lounge with hundreds of titles to choose from, and our amazing dining experience The Works Kitchen.  Check out the location page of the GameWorks you are interested in visiting to learn more about what is offered in your local market.


Why are there different types of arcade games?

There are multiple types of games offered at every GameWorks.  There are video games and esports gameplay that is time based.  Each purchase grants the guest an amount of time to play as many games as they wish within that time limit.  There are also some games that are credit based, where you purchase a number of credits that grant the guest gameplay on games that also reward gameplay with digital tickets that can be exchanged for prizes at The Works Shop retail space located within each GameWorks.


Why is there a $2 activation fee for game cards?

There is a one time activation fee for a new game card.  Once activated, there is no limit on how many times the card can be used and reloaded, and there is no charge for subsequent use of the card.